Cloud Architecture, Development, Integration & FinOps


We design and implement solutions on the Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud platforms. Be it integration, cloud migration, hybrid or fully cloud native greenfield solutions, our cloud expertise can help you.


We can deliver small to medium sized build projects, end-2-end. ReactJS or traditional web frontends, backed by APIs, databases and integration, delivered by automated CICD and DevOps methods. We are not a body shop. We are a small, focused and expert organisation, so can offer valuable consultancy on larger projects.


Systems integration is increasingly seen as valuable IP for organisations, due to its complexity of implementation in today's modern enterprise environments. We can provide expert design and build capability, using the latest cloud platforms to, ensure fast, cost effective, and successful delivery.


Cost control is emerging as a key factor for successful cloud adoption. FinOps provides the framework for delivering cost savings and optimisation. We bake FinOps into all our architecture designs, and also offer a FinOps assessment for existing cloud implementations, that will almost certianly find cost saving potential for you.